Popular Playgroup Activities

There are a number of activities children who belong to a playgroup in Singapore can involve themselves in. But a few among these activities are quite popular. Of course, playgroup activities are governed by factors such as the available space, storage facilities, etc. Unfortunately, outdoor play areas have become scarce nowadays. But at the same time, it is certainly possible to find activities that can suit areas that are available.

Craft work

Activities like cutting, sticking, painting, printing, drawing, etc. can be excellent activities that can be fun for kids in a playgroup. The popularity of these activities stems from the fact that they can be tailored to suit various age groups and this means parents and teachers can design these activities depending upon the age of kids in the playgroup. These activities will provide children with opportunities to explore various types of materials. When they work on colors, they can learn to try different color combinations also. In short, their aesthetic sense will develop, thanks to these activities.

The hand-to-eye coordination of children will also improve because they will try to handle these materials and work on them. Their creative pursuits will get strengthened as well.

Reading of poems, stories and books.

If good story books, poetry books, etc. are made available to kids of playgroups, these children will develop reading habit. Not only that, they will learn to choose the books they want also. Constant reading of stories and poetry will infuse creativity in the minds of children. Playgroup coordinators should ensure to add books on a regular basis so children can read new books that are being brought out from time to time.


Elders should encourage children in activities like dressing up also. Kids can dress up their toys and show their creative skills. They can dress themselves up with varieties of attires also. They can try role-playing activities as well. These activities will help improve their imaginative skills. Since they have to do a bit of research for indulging in these activities, they can improve their research skills also. Of course, parents should help children in a playgroup so they can confidently handle the tasks of these activities.

There are various other popular playgroup activities like construction toys and table games. Likewise, physical and adventure activities should be encouraged as well. Parents should guide their children to try appropriate activities and benefit.

Need and Importance Of Outdoor Classroom

The vision of an outdoor classroom for your children is extremely simple. Kids can be immensely benefited when they spend a greater amount of time in natural places or outdoors. The goal of such an exercise is to enhance the quality, quantity and outdoor experience for your kids. Here are some of the major benefits for an outdoor classroom in a pre nursery school in Singapore .

Its goal is equally simple: To increase the quantity, quality, and benefit of outdoor experience for children. Here is an overview of the key features of the Outdoor Classroom:

1. An important environment for your children: When your kids learn something outdoors, it provides a great learning environment for them.

But it is important that the outdoor learning environment should be as thoughtfully and richly equipped as the regular indoor ones. Kids should have the liberty to move freely between outdoors and indoors. Their learning and playing activities should be convenient in both the places.

2. Offers more freedom to the kids for playing on their own: Kids while growing up must imagine, explore, try out new things and learn with their friends or all alone. An outdoor classroom will allow your kids to do all that and much more. Kids would love to learn while they are among the nature and playing with their peers.

3. Saves learning time: Often adults try to hurry the kids up while teaching them something. This happens more than children are taught inside the classroom. When teachers try to put pressure on the kids, it might inhibit the latter’s learning process rather than inhibiting them. Children would definitely learn faster when they are completely in a relaxed mood and get time and the opportunity to be creative with their work. This can happen in an outdoor classroom in a much structured and better manner. Kids require more time for refining and anchoring their new skills. An outdoor classroom session motivates the kid s to spend more time outdoors.

4. Physical activity is important for a preschool kid: Children need to indulge in lot of physical activities for their wellbeing, good health and all round development. When there is an open space, children get chances for free movement, explorations and social play. These activities aid them in refining their motor skills and educate them how the universe functions.

5. Complete range of kids’ activities: Supporters of outdoor classroom believes that whatever can be done indoors to teach the children can be done outside. One of the visions of the Outdoor Classroom is, outdoor and indoor spaces together constitute of a single environment for learning.