Pre-writing exercises for pre-nursery kids

When your child starts attending a pre nursery among children in the classroom and in child care singapore , he may not be ready to write a single word, not to talk of a complete sentence. But it is possible to prepare your child with a few simple activities so when he attends a pre nursery Singapore, he will be ready to take up the challenge of writing words or sentences on his own. Let us have a look at some of these activities.

1. Name Tracing

This activity needs materials such as a paper, a pencil or a marker, and a highlighter. Using the marker, write the name of your child on a paper. Do not forget to use capital letter for writing the first letter of the name. Ask your child to trace over the letters using the highlighter. The activity should be repeated as many times as possible. This will help the child learn how he should write his name legibly.

2. Cutting Practice

You need a few pictures and a pair of scissors for this activity. You can use the pictures in old magazines. Similarly, ensure that the pair of scissors is child-friendly. This activity helps in fine-tuning the motor as well as the pre-writing skills of the child. Ask your child to cut the pictures from the magazines.

Similarly, whenever you come across numbers or letters in magazines or newspapers, you can ask your child to cut them. Apart from strengthening the hand and the fingers of the kid, this activity will improve his motor skills as well.

3. Making letters with play-dough

You need play-dough for this. Ask your child to roll play-dough balls into ropes. This activity is suitable for a child who has learned letters. Using the play-dough ropes, the child has to make letters. If the child has not fully learned the letters, you can write the letters on a piece of paper and ask the child to form matching letters using the play-dough.

4. Dot-to-dot

The materials required for this activity are markers and a paper. You must first write the name of your child on a paper. But use dots and not lines for writing the name. Ask the child to connect all the dots. Once he connects all the dots, he will be able to recognize his name. You can try this activity by making your child write the names of other members of your family also.

There are similar activities for improving the numerical abilities of the child. In short, if you use these pre-writing exercises, you can certainly prepare your child so he will be able to handle the challenge of writing when he begins attending a pre nursery in Singapore.

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