Qualities of a Good Secondary Math Tutor

Tutoring is pretty much the same as teaching, with the only difference being that tuition requires you to give more attention to the kid for his or her betterment. Parents in Singapore normally take their kids to tuition centers with one aim; improve their academic performance. Parents entrust you with their kids. You, therefore, need to be a good steward. It’ll be very disappointing and unfortunate if you let them down.

There are a few tricks that you can use to be a good tutor for Secondary School Mathematics. Follow these, and in no time, you and your student will be the best of buddies.


The first thing to know as a tutor is that not all students are equal; some will grasp a concept upon being taught once, while others require the constant reminder. For this, you must be patient with your student. It is highly likely that the student who opts to go for tuition is a slow learner. Give the student what he or she doesn’t get from their daily classes. The teachers are normally too busy or time-limited that they teach in a rush. Be the total opposite of this. Teach at a pace that the student is comfortable with. This is the whole point of tuition. Also, be patient and don’t rush with them. Especially for a tough subject like secondary school math. This helps in building confidence in the kids.

Proper Knowledge

The tutor must be an expert in the subject or field of learning. You must also possess the required skills to teach. Otherwise, it would be impossible to impart knowledge that you do not possess. You must be confident in the subject and be able to explain the concepts well enough for the child to understand. Your expertise incorporates all of the following: understanding where to begin, interacting with the child, ensuring that he or she has understood and kept track of the child’s progress to ascertain whether your teaching methods are right or whether you need to change them.


Another important quality that you ought to possess is being open with the child. You cannot understand the child’s problem if he doesn’t show it to you. And your student will only cooperate if you’re open with him or her. You have to be accessible and approachable. The student will feel valued, and this will help build confidence in him. One good way of showing that you’re open to the kid is by being dedicated to helping him or her achieve their academic goals.


How you tutor your student might go a long way in shaping the child’s future in terms of academic. Tutoring is an essential job that should be taken with seriousness. The skills mentioned above are just a few. Other important qualities are inclusive of being passionate, maturity, adaptability, and having the needed energy.

One thing is this; if your student sees that you’re dedicated to helping him or her out, they will work harder towards fulfilling your goal. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for everyone, including the parents.