Top 3 Best Math Tuition Centres in Singapore

Singapore’s adult literacy rate stands at 97.05% and is ranked number 46 globally. This shows you how Singaporeans are serious when it comes to their education. We’ve all heard the saying education is key to life, but we say good education is key. This is mainly in the Math subject, where most people find stressful. If you’re in search of a good math tuition center for your kid or even yourself that will assure you nothing short of the best, consider our top three list:

The Learning Lab

Having been set up more than fifteen years ago, you are assured that these teachers know their way around education. Their prowess isn’t only limited to Maths but also other subjects such as Chinese and English Languages, and Sciences. Every Singaporean parent that has perused the internet in search of a good tuition center must have come across The Learning Lab. It will not be wrong to refer to it as the ‘Oxford of Singapore.’

Your child’s need is at heart in The Learning Lab. Interactive games, fun activities, and videos are all incorporated in the learning process. What they offer your child is a blend of technology and ample environment ideal for learning. Their results have been seen by their students being awarded the Singapore Public Service Commission President Scholarship. As long as your child is here, there is a higher chance of being promoted to world-class universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

Aspire Hub

Another tuition center that isn’t short of experience is the Aspire Hub. They have been in the game for 17 years and have mastered their way around kids. One thing that sets them apart from the rest is their teaching techniques. Lessons conducted by Aspire Hub are not in large groups, like many inefficient institutions of current times. Special attention is given to each child. They believe that each child has different individual needs, which cannot be tackled similarly to others. Truly, the technique seems to be working.

Their teaching activities entails individual evaluations and tests together with personal coaching sessions. If you’re in search of a place where your kid will have that extra attention, care, and a bit of help when it comes to clarifying concepts, Aspire Hub is your choice. To top it up, their centers are conveniently located across the country and finding yourself one won’t be a problem.

Pencil Tutors

Another tuition center that you should highly consider is the Pencil Tutors. Here, highly qualified teachers aim at breaking the boredom associated with learning and in maths specifically. Their sessions are normally interactive and have made use of e-learning. Another uniqueness with them is that their classes consist of small batches, which make it possible for individual attention. Benefits accrued by learning in Pencil Tutors include school homework with free guidance, student analysis, and revision of exam papers.


Singapore is famous for having lots of international students across the world, coming to their institutions. This tells you how important it is to nurture your child’s education right from an early age. Aside from our top three picks, there are lots of other highly effective tuition centers where your child will have the best of educations. Each day is a learning day.