The Right Preschool for Your Child

Finding the right preschool is an important thing for most parents. After moving to a new neighbourhood, one of the key considerations for parents is identifying a good International Preschool Singapore. Fortunately, Singapore has a whole range of options to offer to the parents and with a few checks and balances; you will definitely find the ideal preschool for your child.

Physical Visit

When you have a few hints and considerations for preschools, the final decision should be made after visiting the school. This is the best way to see the facilities and gauge the ability of the preschool to meet the needs of your child. You should not be shy to talk to other parents about their experiences about a particular Singapore preschool as this would help you in making an informed decision.

Preschool Checklist

Here are some basic things that you should consider when looking for a preschool:

* Consider the location of the preschool and the transport options available.

* Take a look at the curriculum so as to ensure that it fits the educational needs of your child. If you are a foreigner, consider a system that is open-ended in that there will be minimal disruptions in the academic progress of the child, if you moved to a different country.

* You should look at the number of children in a class so as to gauge the teacher-child ratio. This may vary from one preschool to another.

* Ask for the extracurricular activities that the preschool offers. This is to ensure that your child gets the right balance of academic and other aspects in life.

* Be sure to ask for the term dates, which may be different from preschool to preschool.

* Look at the facilities and the amenities that are available and how they can assist in the holistic development of your child.

* Get to learn the programmes and activities that the Singapore preschool offers the children.

Different Preschool Options

Singapore preschool is availed in different options and you need to know what to expect from each:

1. Learning Centres: These are preschools that are commonly referred to as educational centres. The kids will be involved in various activities like Mandarin, arts and crafts, music, dance, drama, and maths and gym classes and so on.

2. Preschool: This is what is known as nursery in the UK and pre-K in USA. This is available for all children between 18 months to the mandatory school age of 6 years in Singapore.

3. Kindergarten: There are a number of international schools that use the term kindergarten to mean the first two years of primary education. However, according to the Ministry of Education, kindergarten means Singapore preschool.

Take time to consider all factors and options that are available, before making the final decision. Preschool allows children to develop various skills and is critical for enhancing the proper development of a child.