How to guide a child to become an independent thinker

It is believed by a school of thought that the mind of a child is a blank slate. Based on this school of thought, every individual is a product of how they were brought up by their parent or their guardian. The events, activities and instructions that take place around and with the child thereby shape what he or she grows up to become.

Independent thinkers are individuals that are able to think for themselves as well as make decisions and take actions, based on current circumstances. Independent thinkers have a lot of advantages, one of which is the fact that they can quickly adapt to changing scenarios and react accordingly without waiting for instructions. For parents that want their children to be independent thinkers, they would need to start training the child to behave as such from when they are less than a year old. Here are some things parents can do to help their child become independent thinkers.

Teach them how to review situations

The easiest way for people to notice what is happening and changing around them is when they can continuously review situations. Before an individual can think independently and react to situations around them, they must be able to know what the situation is as well as when there is a change.

From an early age therefore, kids should be though how to assess a situation as well as regularly review them. This can be achieved by parents making constant changes in the room of their child, changing the position of things they use, so that they get use to the fact that situations can change and when they do, certain things also change with them. Enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore also offer some training on how kids can review situations around them and react to the changes.

Training on preparedness

Preparedness is a major trait of independent thinkers. They are always prepared for a change in circumstances. Mothers can therefore always help their kids to always be prepared towards things they have to do in the house. They should always make them to be aware of how things they would need a few days later are bought in advance.

Furthermore, they should always help them with their assignment on time and help them to pack their bags the night before, on a daily basis. This will help them to understand the importance of not leaving things undone until the last minute. They would be able to imbue the habit of doing the things they need to do in advance as well as avoiding procrastination. Enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore can also help them to achieve this task.

Helping the child to become an independent thinker

Parents should also help their child to become an independent thinker by encouraging them to study, ask questions or think on a step by step basis. This would also help them to analyse and find solutions on a step by step basis.

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